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Oooh, now this looks fab! Kristen from mediatinker has a umeshu making demo video, but this looks much better! I will be using this in the near future i think. I also like the idea of using vodka instead of shochu.

(re glycemic index of daikon, i may have been wrong. Kristen, our diet guru, was warning us away from it... she did the research, i was just quoting her.)


Yes, I think vodka is the way to go. "White liquor" seems to be nothing more than cheap shochu with a different name. I guess the main reason people use it is because it's so cheap. But if you're already shelling out for strawberries, you might as well pay for some good vodka, right?
I found an Italian recipe for strawberry liqueur that uses a vanilla bean instead of lemons. I'll be doing my next batch that way- sounds really yummy.

I have to admit the strawberry liqueur looks good! But do give ume-shu a try. It's more labour intensive and it takes longer to mature than other fruit liqueurs, but it's worth it. And it has the added versatility of being good both hot and cold.
If I had the time, money and storage space, I'd be making fruit liqueurs with each fruit as it came into season. Mikan, strawberry, ume, cherry, peach, yuzu, apple...
Still not sure about the daikon, but if I ever go back on phase 1 I guess I'll avoid it just to be on the safe side.

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